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Ahmedabad Dresses Lighting Decoration Ahead of 1st May Gujarat Day

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April 28, 2017

Gujarat, a western state in India often referred to as the ''Jewel of Western India'' marks its foundation on May 1. Gandhinagar is the capital of the state, while Ahmedabad is the largest city in it. The state held its present form in the year 1960 when the Bombay state was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat on the basis of language.   

The city of Ahmedabad has dressed lighting decorations ahead of 1st May Gujarat Day. Presented here are the picture of the same:


1st May Ahmedabad -Gujarat Day - potoclick


1st May Ahmedabad - Gujarat Day - PotoClick

Ahmedabad - Gujarat Day - - Gujarat Day -AhmedabadAhmedabad - - Gujarat DayAhmedabad - Gujarat Day - potoclickAhmedabad - potoclick - Gujarat DayMay Ahmedabad - Gujarat Day -

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