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WHAT existence AS A WORKING mother IS fairly LIKE

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January 4, 2017

For the report, I keep in mind any mom a working mom. However these of us who hold down jobs with bosses (rather then our youngsters) and advantages (that aren’t kisses and hugs) face some one-of-a-kind challenges. This is what life as working mom is to me, and to many.

Life as a working mom is …
… panicking when your youngster walks in to your bed room to wake you up on a Monday morning and says, topic-of-factly, “Mommy! It’s 7:45! Don’t you have got to stand up?”


… hanging your hair right into a low ponytail, once again — the unofficial hairstyle of working mothers far and wide.

… questioning, once again, what your sitter thinks about you as you run out the door and she says, “You forgot your cellphone/iphone/purse/head!”

… arguing together with your husband, on a morning when your little one is in poor health, over who’s going to take off from work (read: who has the crazier day at work) to get him to the pediatrician.

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