India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Little Girls Hairstyles

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November 17, 2016
  1. Micro Braided Half-Tie
  2. Conch Braid With Ribbonse
  3. Wispy Curly Bob
  4. Dense Cornrow With Ponytailg
  5. Loose Waves With Headban
  6. Side Braided Hairdo
  7. Side Half-Tie With A Bow Clip
  8. Sectioned Rope Braids
  9. Casual Waves With Pouf Half-Ti
  10. Regular Braid With A Side Braid
  11. Outward Waves With Floral Headband
  12. Sleek High Ponytail
  13. Curly Pigtails With Ribbons

  14. Swirling Cornrow Pigtailss
  15. Cute High Pigtails
  16. Braided High Buns
  17. Tightly Curled Bob
  18. Side Ponytail With Ribbon
  19. Feathery Side Ponytail With Fringes
  20. Pom-Pom Pigtails With Fringes
  21. Braided Side Buns
  22. Wispy Bob With A Bow
  23. Long Side Parted Curls
  24. Ringlets With Floral Headband
  25. Wavy Bob With Fringes
  26. Half Pigtails With Fringes
  27. Densely Curled High Pigtails

  28. Curly Short Pigtails
  29. Elegant Curly Layers
  30. Cute Loop Pigtails
  31. Half-Tie With Fringe
  32. Casual Ballerina Bun With Flyaways
  33. Medium Casual Layers With Fringes
  34. Kinky Bob With A Slight Pouf
  35. High Side Ponytail
  36. High Layered Side Ponytail
  37. Donut Ballerina Bun
  38. Twin French Braids With A Ponytail
  39. Sectional Mini Braided Hairdo
  40. Elegant Layers With Pearly Headband
  41. Fanned Out Loop Through Pigtails
  42. Messy Top Knot
  43. Cascading Curly Layers
  44. High French Pigtails
  45. Smooth Layers With Floral Headband
  46. Tousled Curly Bob
  47. Side French Braid With Low Ponytail
  48. Tousled Wavy Tresses With Headband
  49. Curly Updo With Pouf
  50. Side Low Ponytail With Pouf


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