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Bigg Boss Season 10, 25th October 2016 composed redesign: Contestants neglect to finish the clothing undertaking

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October 26, 2016

Manu battles with Swami and reprimands him that he isn't right. Navin bounced in and cautions Swami of acting fake with all the colleagues. Manu and Mona speak, where he says that they needn't feel frustrated about anything as they were simply having a ton of fun. They ought to mess with it. Next morning, Swami awakens and kiss the cut-out of Priyanka Jagga. Nitibha informs everybody concerning the clothing assignment, where she passes on that every group will need to wash garments, press them and submit them to Bigg Boss. Manveer makes the methodology for the errand. 

The errand begins and Bigg Boss encourages everybody to remain behind the blockade and afterward take the garments out. In any case, nobody takes after that and they begin grabbing garments. Gaurav and Rahul fall while grabbing the garments. Rohan and Nitibha are the quality auditors for Indiawale and VIP groups, separately. Rohan, not finding the nature of a material better, rejects it and requests that the plebeians wash it once more. Navin gets irate at this and shouts at Rohan by saying that they won't wash it once more. Lopa peruses the administer book which says, that if any fabric gets dismisses then it will be washed and pressed once more. Swami tells Manveer and Manu that a film is being made on his existence with a financial plan of 100 crore. They both inquire as to whether they can get a part in his film.


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